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It’s no more news the effect of COVID 19 is far reaching. Businesses have been badly hit and the economy is in a bad shape.

When the economy is in a slump, it’s easy to lose hope. As people around you lose jobs, companies and businesses close their doors and budgets get tight, you may think there’s simply no way to succeed.

In these times new millionares and billionaires emerge. The trick is to identify industries that wasn’t hit by the crisis, invest in it and leverage on it to begin to access cash as fast as possible to fund the recovery of other businesses.

So far, every traditional business have been badly hit this season. But Network Marketing because of its dynamic nature isn’t badly affected, but demands certain level of adjustments in practice for profitability to be sustained.

In this short guide I’ve offered 10 key adjustments to make to stay profitable despite the changes by Covid 19. I am certain you’ll find this helpful.

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